LTC ACO is committed to advancing the state of healthcare services for Medicare beneficiaries in long-term care facilities, by providing coordinated, cost-effective, outcome-oriented services. LTC ACO continuously strives to provide service consistent with ethical and lawful standards. LTC ACO is also committed to compliance with the laws and regulations that govern the Accountable Care Organization Medicare Shared Savings Program.

About Our Program

Consistent with this commitment, LTC ACO has adopted a Compliance Program to assist in the development and implementation of internal controls and procedures that promote compliance and help to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. ACO employees, participating providers and related individuals participate in periodic training to receive information with regard to their duties and obligations pursuant to the Compliance Program. A third-party Compliance Line is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to provide beneficiaries, employees, providers and contractors the ability to report concerns.

LTC ACO has also adopted a Code of Conduct, developed specifically to set clear expectations and standards, to reinforce individual integrity and accountability, and to promote compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules, and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures. The full text of the Code may be obtained by accessing the link below. The Code of Conduct applies to all covered persons which include directors, officers, employees of LTC ACO, ACO participating providers and other ACO related individuals and entities. All participating providers and independent contractors that provide services similar to employees or other individuals providing services directly to ACO beneficiaries are required to complete Code of Conduct Compliance Training at the link below, including the Code of Conduct Acknowledgment Form at the end of the Code of Conduct.

The LTC ACO Compliance Program is intended to empower personnel to prevent, detect, and resolve any conduct or action which fails to comport with applicable law, or which fails to satisfy the LTC ACO Code of Conduct. LTC ACO is dedicated to full implementation of this Program. It is the intention of the Company to create and maintain a company culture that refuses to tolerate non-compliance, in any respect, with law or with LTC ACO’s Code of Conduct.

LTC ACO Reach Out Program

LTC ACO Medicare beneficiaries, family members, visitors, employees, providers and other third parties are encouraged to report questions, concerns, comments, or feedback. You may contact our dedicated Reach Out Line by email or phone at the following:

Concerns reported through the Reach Out Program are assigned to the appropriate personnel within the organization to conduct a review and contact the reporter. Reports may also be made anonymously, but must give enough information to initiate a review of your concern.