Gains for Your Medicare Patients in LTC Facilities Finally Means Gains for You!

LTC ACO works to dramatically improve the quality and cost of healthcare delivered to residents of long-term care facilities through engagement with practitioners. Joining LTC ACO presents an opportunity to participate in a model that works towards achieving better healthcare and quality outcomes for long-term care residents and incremental revenue opportunities for providers.

In the event quality and participation outcomes are met, participating physicians will share in the savings attributed by CMS to the ACO. Being a part of LTC ACO entitles primary care practices to earn 30% of the savings generated based on their specific patient population (assuming the ACO in total produces shared savings, with quality and participation criteria satisfied). LTC ACO also contracts with non-primary care practice groups. Beginning in 2023, LTC ACO will include engagement with palliative care, wound care, mental health, and telehealth services. 

The organization provides an unparalleled level of support to LTC physicians, enabling them to deliver the highest quality of care for unique, underserved, and high-needs population they serve. Review our key benefits listed below.

MSSP Gain Share Opportunity
Up to 30% of Shared Savings Earning Potential based on your specific patient population. In case there are no savings, participants face no financial risk. 
Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) Incentive Payment
Participating providers qualify for a MACRA bonus for ALL their Medicare FFS billing, as LTC ACO qualifies as an APM.
Elimination of Complex MIPS Reporting Requirement & Penalty
LTC ACO participating providers become Qualifying APM Participants (QPs), which exempts them from MIPS reporting and the potential 9% MIPs penalty. 
Claims Data
Participating providers receive the full picture of their LTC patients’ health with access to all of their Medicare claims data.
LTC ACO Reporting
LTC ACO reports include Utilization, Quality Metrics and Provider Visit Status information for the participating providers.

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